Ok Ok so its kind of a well-known fact that the majority of Pacific island countries were (and some still are) Colonized  – of course with the exception of Tonga. The latter is debatable because even though it was never politically ceeded, Great Britian acted as a Protectorate for some years before it regained full sovereignty under its monachy. Anyway, I am diverting here…

So for the longest time, I have listened to Pacific scholars rambling about Post-colonialism and I couldnt help but think – come on.. can we move on please? Someone please come up with another theoretical framework.. Must we forever define ourselves as the product of Colonialism? Must we always define ourselves as reactionary beings responding to or resisting the colonial powers?  To cut a long story short – it kinda got old. Every paper I picked up, every thesis.. and then the fanC pants scholars who abbrev. everything and refer to it as Post-Col .. hmmm.. well that was annoying… And then it came time for me to think about my doctorate..

I attempted three distinguished and respected colleagues and friends I might add working at reputable Universities in New Zealand and Australia to advise me on my intent. And they all came back with.. why arent you drawing from Post-Colonial Theory? I was so annoyed and wanted to jump up and down in hysterics shouting I dont want to get into that box dammit! I dont want to interpret everything and everyone in those frames… yeah well that was four years ago .. and now I am not so sure anymore..

So like I mentioned in an earlier post, I am attempting to apply the bricolage approach and I am so caught up in Critical theory and Resilience theory and the wonders of it all (yes I am a nerd).. but there is a continuous scratching at the back of my head… an irritance like a speck of sand in your eye that you cant quite wash out and you can just feel it there in the corner.. and it bugs me.. because I get the feeling.. no I am convinced that I too need to hook these onto the dratted Post-Colonialist reality..so yes, it is a constant.. must i? must i really? no really do i have to? and the annoying third person narrator in my head who also speaks in a voice uncannily not unlike my own replies..  ahh yes my dear, you do need to get into the box.. and no it cant be a green box.. it must be the standard cardboard brown box that you have learnt to despise. Get into the box. Embrace the box.

But I have decided the Post-Colonial Box will not define me or my research.. I will deconstruct the box, and reconstruct anew …

so here I go.. suck it up.. suck it up… and breathe deeply before revisiting what i call the three big C’s.. Contact, Christianity and  Colonialism – Oh how fucking predictable…  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!