This past week and weekend has been nightmarish in that what started off as a mild case of the flu-bug turned into a fully blown sinus! My meds triggered a kidney problem and it was bed rest and lots of fluids with nothing much else doing.

On the plus side, I was able to retrieve three of my Laurie King books from the much neglected book shelf and read each one as if anew. My dreams were not filled with suspense or mystery – typical Sherlock Holmes style… in fact there was nothing to write home about until this morning.. the twins getting ready for school and I was in between re-reading page 85 of “Justice Hall” when I dropped into a heavy 20 minute sleep only to be serenaded by an upbeat love song in true Bollywood form (except that it was in English) and I was supposed to have composed it.. hmm .. no idea what it means but I awoke with the distinct feeling that I had been singing or at least humming in my sleep given the strange look on my 18 month old grand niece who wanted a concerned cuddle..

Any dream therapists out there? I am convinced that this has to do with PhD guilt that I have been fighting all week having not done any concrete work towards the literature review in ten days!

Haven’t read the Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell mysteries? See


Here hoping this week will be better and that I don’t have any choral/choir dreams !!